Art is one of the most universally dazzling mediums in the world. Unlike writing and other forms of creative expression, it’s accessible to almost everyone, and that’s why the earliest forms of storytelling came in the form of cave paintings.
Since then, our ability to create has only gone from strength to strength, and now there are new ways of amazing people with art that hadn’t existed until recently. One of these forms is 3D street art, which first began to appear back in the 1980s.
If an artist is skilled enough, 3D art can look so realistic that it’s hard to tell if what you are seeing is a painting or, in fact, reality…

1. I’d probably think twice about going into this tunnel

Or maybe I’d wait for that giant to crawl out of it. Either way, it’s definitely enough to make someone jump!

2. “Guys, there’s water coming onto the train!”

False alarm. It’s just an awesome piece of 3D art that makes the floor look like a beach.

3. You’d have thought they’d have signposted that pool

But once people realize it’s just an illusion, they probably shouldn’t try to dive into it…

4. Now that’s a street that would make any driver nervous

Let’s just hope that it can’t be viewed from this angle in a car.

What makes 3D street art so incredible is the fact that it has to be viewed at just the right angle for its full effects to become apparent. When viewed directly from above, for example, it will appear distorted. So before an artist even begins work, they need to decide on their ideal viewing point!