Ever since Snapchat debuted their new feature, Snap Maps, humiliation is nearly inescapable.
In the short time since its release, Snap Maps, which allows you to see your Snapchat friends’ locations via their “actionmoji”, has already begun wreaking havoc on relationships by catching people in their lies left and right. From excluding friends from plans, to cheating on your significant other, there’s almost nothing you can get away with so long as you keep your “ghost mode” off. Here are just a few examples of how Snap Maps is already ruining lives:

Some victims of Snap Maps aren’t even caught in lies, they’re simply caught in extremely humiliating situations. Beware, Snapchatters: gone are the days that you are the only person to witness all of the embarrassing happenings of your life. Take poor Dave, for example, an innocent man from the UK who told Buzzfeed of his tragic story.
Dave and his friend John, both of whom enjoy photography, took a little trip to Liverpool to shoot photos of some ferries. Dave decided to lie in the mud to get a better angle for his shot, and ended up getting stuck in the mud. The picture that his friend, John, took of the scene while they waited for help was hilariously humiliating… but little did he know how much more ridiculous it would get.

Good friends always take pictures of you at your most vulnerable and shameful, right?
Way to go, John. While the two waited for more help to come (John, from the comfortability of the bridge: Dave, from the depths of the sludge), John decided to scroll around on social media, as one does. But when he opened Snapchat and checked out Snap Maps, he saw this:

Dave? John said he was surprised to see his friend’s emoji just “standing there thumbs up and smiling”, which is understandable. The juxtaposition been bitmoji Dave, happy as a clam with a permanent thumbs-up, and real-life Dave, who was currently face down in thick mud, was undeniably hilarious. I mean, have you ever seen such a joyous bitmoji?

John sent the amazing photos to their friend Alby, who, of course, posted it to Twitter. “I thought it was funny, to be honest,” said Alby, “how accurate it was, and the situation he got in.” Clearly, Alby was not alone, because the post got over 130,000 likes on Twitter (much to Dave’s dismay, we can only assume). In his post, Alby asks the one question we have all got on our minds:

The answer to that question (if taken literally), is yes. Dave remained stuck in the mud for 45 minutes, but was eventually freed and is completely fine now. Twitter users were concerned, though, based on the picture of Dave laying face-down, that he did not make it out of this pickle alive. Alby had to prove to all of his new followers that Dave was, in fact, alive and well. In the end, he was only able to convince them through the very avenue that this all unfolded in the first place: Snap Maps.

We can only imagine that Dave is not quite as pleased with the situation as his bitmoji always appears to be. His friend John said that he requested his bitmoji be given a pseudonym because he was “embarrassed”, which is a whole new layer of anonymity that 2017 has yet to deal with (do bitmoji’s really need their identity protected?).
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