Though it mightn’t be the most romantic notion, it seems likely that – particularly if you’re in long-term relationships – your partner has very possibly fantasized about sleeping with somebody else.
While some would be incredibly hurt by such an admission, others would argue that it is inevitable, and so long as one’s partner doesn’t act on such feelings there is no harm done.
Personally, I think I fall somewhere in the middle of those two poles, but in reality, fantasizing about people other than one’s partner is a fact of life that those in a relationship must surely learn to reconcile themselves with.

If you relate to those feelings of anxiety, read on with caution, but if you merely find such things interesting; a new study from Gleeden – an extramarital dating website – claims to have found the most likely individual that your significant other is fantasizing about sleeping with.
Gleeden’s research suggests that your partner is most likely to be fantasizing about having an affair with a neighbor – if indeed they have such fantasizes in the first place.
It would seem that a survey of Gleeden’s members returned figures suggesting that 62% of women had had such a fantasy, while an even higher 72% of men had shared the same imaginations.

Men’s Health reports further on the study;
“They found that 31 percent of the site’s female members have had an actual affair with their neighbor. About 60 percent of these affairs were one night stands. However, 14 percent of women reported extending them to several weeks, while 6 percent continued it for more than a year.”

It is easy to speculate on the reasons behind such figures, of course, the most obvious reason being the absurd ease with which one could meet up with their sly bedfellow.
Plainly, it might also be wise to take such data with a pinch of salt, coming as it does from an extramarital affairs website, whose methods of research for the study are unclear.

My advice would always be to communicate with your partner if you are concerned about such issues; feverishly looking over your garden fence is going to achieve very little other than some quizzical glances from your neighbor and neck pain. Save yourself the hassle and embarrassment and talk it through; both your neighbor and your significant other will thank you for it.