It’s a cliche which has long been perpetuated by the media that beautiful women who managed to advance pretty highly in their careers must have “slept their way to the top”.
I mean, generally, top positions in corporations are dominated by men, so people make the assumption that women have no other option but to use their sex appeal to convince their superiors that they are worthy of a promotion.

Of course, it’s a pretty sexist assumption to assume that a woman can’t be both beautiful and accomplished. However, despite this, sleeping with someone in a position of power, is actually not hugely uncommon.
And it’s not just straight, conventionally attractive women who do it – people of all kinds of genders, orientations and physical appearances have crossed those risky boundaries, with varying outcomes.
The following Redditors either found themselves in this situation or knew someone else who did, and their stories are juicy AF:

1. One thing led to another

“When I was 18 I was part-time running food at a really high end Italian restaurant. After shifts ended everyone went to the bar next door and got s***faced every night. One of the managers was a 24 year old blonde that I really had a thing for.
After a night at the bar we were loaded and she said I could crash at her place. So I went and one thing led to another, we f***ed and I took a cab home.

The next weekend when I had shifts the managers called me in because they fired the bartender and because I’m “very hard working” that I’m going to fill his position. Maybe not an “office promotion” story but I was making a couple hundred more a night bar tending than bussing.
Edit: For everyone losing their marbles because I wasn’t 21, I live in Canada so 18 is the legal drinking age. – The tips were amazing, on a good night I could clear a couple hundred because I only worked there Fridays and Saturdays.
Edit 2: I live in Alberta so it’s 18 here. I’m drunk right now can confirm.”

2. A true love story – of sorts

“I was the boss sleeping with my employee. She was a very mediocre employee to begin with, raging alcoholic, would come to work looking like hell with black eyes and wet hair, never on time. After we started sleeping together I think she developed the attitude that she had to start performing better at work or it would be obvious there was something going on when she didn’t get fired.

Within a few weeks she’s a model employee, probably far better than even I was. She received several small lateral promotions within a few months, one I was involved in and one I was not. We ended up dating for over a year while I was still her boss before we both left the business.
We both started looking for other employment because of our relationship and found better jobs with better pay. A few years later we are still together and now living together and engaged.