We all know that Valentine’s Day is simply a commercial holiday which directly benefits manufacturers of chocolate, stuffed teddy bears, and sleazy lingerie, but despite that, we all blindly celebrate the Hallmark holiday.
You may say that Valentine’s Day is not an important day for you, but do you really mean it? Sure, it’s ludicrous that we have to have an allotted day in which you prove your love to someone else, when there are 364 other perfectly good days when you can do it (for a fraction of the price). Sure, it’s crazy to believe that a box of cheap chocolates and a wilted rose can signify your affections for someone.

In 2016, Valentine’s Day spending in the US alone was estimated to be $19.7 billion, even though only 55% of the country is thought to celebrate the date. An average person will fork out $150 on their partner on February 14, making it only minorly less expensive than Christmas. So with that in mind, you really should be thankful to be single.

If the staggering expense of Valentine’s Day isn’t enough to make you grateful to be single, then the following horror stories from Reddit may just do the trick…

1. Dance drama

“Freshman year of highschool a girl I had a huge crush on agreed to go to Winter Ball with me (basically semi-formal dance in winter). We walk inside, she immediately ditches me and even tells me she only went with me for the free ticket (like $35 each) and proceeds to start making out with a random senior she’d never met from a neighboring school who came as someone else’s date.”

– @razakka

2. Ouch!

“Sophomore year of high school. My boyfriend shows up to school with a rose so I start beaming and run up to him to give him a kiss. He stops me in my tracks and says ‘we have to talk.’ Turns out he brought the rose for a different girl.”

– @landlubber77