Dating apps are a minefield, especially for women. I can only imagine that attempting to successfully use a dating app to strike up a meaningful conversation with a man is akin to staggering across a rickety bridge over crocodile-infested waters. Such is the archetype of the male; a libido-driven species prone to unsolicited pictures of their anatomy and abs, incapable of conducting a conversation with the fairer sex without a blunt request for “nudes”.
Of course, this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of men out there perfectly capable of stringing together a sentence without resorting to sexual harassment. Regardless, for both sexes, dating apps can be a tricky and fruitless pursuit. Perhaps in recognition of that fact, maybe just for a bit of fun, here are some women who have turned the tables on their lusty counterparts to hilarious effect.

1. How to kill the vibe instantly

How not to get off on the right foot:

2. Not quite what he had in mind

Why do guys think they can do this?

3. So, so cold

Seriously, who are you to judge?

4. A masterclass in trolling

Pathetic scumbag is perfectly trolled.