Bullshit fairytales will have you believe that only girls kiss a few toads and then find the one. In truth, guys have to go through a few toads of their own to find that ‘keeper’ too. The elasticated nature of society means fairytales have been exposed for the frauds they are. All girls aren’t princesses, all guys aren’t knights in shining armor and trading a cow for a bag of beans is never a good bargain.
I’m fully in support of binning these stringent and archaic traditions but I also believe it can make finding the right woman harder. Gone are the days of just settling for the girl from down you’re street whose parents know yours; it’s all about a bit of shopping around first. Then one woman will come along and she’ll blow every girl you’ve ever been with before out of the water – this woman is a keeper. Here are 10 signs you’ve found her.

1. She’s smart

A lot of people wrongly assume that smart women have to be intimidating but really, there’s nothing sexier than a woman with a strong mind. She’ll hold a conversation that’ll genuinely engage you, you’ll have respect for her and you’ll find yourself falling in love with the way she speaks with so much passion and proficiency.  Let’s call a halt to the day of only finding ‘dumb girls’ attractive.

emma watson

2. You find her completely beautiful always

Sure, a woman won’t necessarily be on top form when she’s ill or whatever else – but if you find your girl beautiful first thing in the morning, throughout the day, when she’s chilling in her PJs and last thing at night when she’s make-up free then she’s definitely worth holding on to.

3. She’s kind and has a nurturing nature

Of course, not everybody dreams of one day having children but if you do – a woman who you know will make a great and loving mother is certainly a strong attribute. Chances are if she’s nurturing she’ll appreciate that side of you too and you can take it in turns to take care of each other.

4. She’s vivacious and has a fire in her

I’m not saying she needs to be aggressive, by fire I mean a passion, a liveliness. A woman who can be entertaining as well as keeping you on your toes. If she challenges you and makes you laugh at the same time, she’s nailing it and so are you.


5. She makes you feel her love

Bob Dylan wrote a song about this and if there’s anything Dylan’s well versed in, it’s women stuff. Insecurity can be so damaging to a relationship and if you’re with a woman that isn’t open in showing you love and affection, it can be difficult to maintain. When you’re with a woman who you feel is wholly devoted to you, your self-confidence rockets.

6. She’s open to compromises 

Both women and men can be as stubborn as an ox and it’s equally important for both to be able to see alternative points of view. If you find a woman that’s able to do that for you and you for her, it’s the perfect mix for a well-functioning relationship.

7. Being around her feels like home

Being with her is your favorite place to be and she really feels like home. Sure, home isn’t always sunshine and roses but it’s yours and you wouldn’t change it for any other.


8. She balances strong and feminine perfectly

There’s nothing like a woman who can grab you by the balls and bite your lip at the same time. A strong woman will keep you intrigued, she’s the woman you need in your life to keep you on track and you’ll forever feel proud of her.

9. She’s not suffocating but isn’t afraid to get involved

A woman who respects the fact that you sometimes want to hang out without her but will also come along sometimes too and make the effort with your mates. Keeper 101.


10. She’s got a cracking sense of humor

A woman who will laugh with you, at you, at herself; it makes for such a warm atmosphere when you’re around her and means you have the best time together.

11. She oozes sex appeal

Ultimately, if there’s no sex appeal there, a woman ends up becoming more of a mate and it’s total friend zone territory. A woman who you find completely hypnotizing and alluring – without even trying – that’s a special quality to be valued. She’s comfortable with you and herself and she isn’t afraid to be spontaneous. Don’t let that one go.


I’m sure it’s quite an individual thing but if a woman is doing well to hit these ten points, you’d probably be a bit of a fool to let that one get away.