A grocery store employee from the UK cracked a US police case when he located a missing four-year-old girl from his bedroom in Staines, Surrey, 5,000 miles away. Harry Brown, who works in Sainsbury’s, used a genius bit of detective work to find Yvette Henley in a motel in Arizona: he convinced her estranged father, who had fled the state with the girl, to let him order a pizza to his address.

Yvette had been staying with her father, Virgil Henley, 28, when a court handed over guardianship to her grandparents, Gary and Kim Forester. The hearing heard that Yvette was suffering from “emotional damage” and was in danger, but the dad wasn’t aware of the outcome, as he had already decided to flee with his daughter and was nowhere to be found.
After finding out that their grandchild was missing, Yvette’s grandparents contacted police who launched an investigation into the incident. But after three weeks of searching, she was still nowhere to be found. Desperate to try and find some more information, Gary, 46, and Kim, 47, contacted Harry (who was a complete stranger), and together they managed to team up and solve the case.
Harry is an avid online gamer, and he had connected with Virgil on Facebook a few years ago, where they had chatted a little bit. After going through Virgil’s friends, Yvette’s grandparents decided to reach out to Harry, in the hope that he may be able to give them some information that may lead to locating their granddaughter.

Being the good person that he is, Harry agreed to help the family, and began talking to Virgil over Facebook and earned his trust over two days worth of chatting. Virgil told Harry that he and his girlfriend Alyssa, 28, had taken Yvette to Arizona, where they were staying in cheap hotels or sleeping rough. Harry eventually managed to pinpoint their exact location after he offered to order Virgil and his family a pizza, and asked for the room number to get it delivered to.
However, instead of a nice pepperoni pizza showing up at the door, the police did. Yvette was recovered at the hotel, and she is now living safely with her grandparents in California.

Speaking about the ordeal, Harry said:
“I spend my life on the internet but little did I know that talking to random people would lead to me finding this little girl. She is loving where she is now. I cried so much when I saw the photos of her with her grandparents.
The police had been trying to find her since May and within two days I got his exact location. It’s a really weird set of circumstances that fell into place. Before, Yvette was probably living a nightmare.
“Now she is in the best place possible for her. She is having the happiest days of her life.”

Harry plans to fly out to California to meet Yvette and her family soon.
San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department released a statement regarding the incident, which read:
“The missing person report for Yvette Henley was filed by her grandfather on June 20 in Hesperia. He believed Yvette was with her parents and he had not been able to reach them. The grandfather was given guardianship of Yvette also on June 20. At the time he filed the report it had been 10 days since he had last seen the three of them.”

A spokeswoman added:
“On July 9th the reporting party contacted the Hesperia Station stating he had been advised that the child was located in Kingman, Arizona.
“Child Protective services was contacting Kingman and the reporting party stated he would be going to Kingman to pick up the child.”
Well done Harry for that bit of quick thinking, in all honesty, he may have helped save Yvette’s life, and that is absolutely incredible.