Every product we use in our daily lives, from the complex electronic gadgets to the most mundane tools imaginable, has been designed by someone. You might not think that’s a remarkable statement, but it’s worth reiterating. Every conceivable object that you care to name has been carefully and consciously designed, with a view towards ease-of-use and ergonomics. For things as simple as a sign, or a fork, or a pencil, you’d imagine that design is a pretty easy job – there’s not many ways that these things can be improved upon.
We often take the design process for granted, though. We assume that things are automatically made to function properly, and it’s not until we encounter bad design that we really understand how badly it can go wrong. So with that in mind, we’ve collated the most egregious examples of modern design that we could find, for those occasions where someone was clearly asleep at the wheel.

1. A really bad name for a knock-off store

2. This Christmas tree ornament looks like a severed finger

3. This dentist’s sign looks like someone’s getting shot

4. Happy 20170!

5. Measurements on an opaque bottle

6. Someone needs to read their own book

7. Make a hand look masculine by adding a collar and tie!

8. All I can see is: “if you car accident what to do?”

9. Disabled elderly pregnant children

10. Isn’t there an easier way to enter a phone number?

11. Racist accessories

12. I think someone should show you how to read

13. Check out this keypad

14. Borg baby

15. Phallic balloon

16. Unfortunately placed door handles

17. These flamingos look at bit … Freudian

18. How big is this watch?

19. “Cool Jizz?”

20. Why not make the Eiffel tower the letter “A?”

21. You shouldn’t trust this translator

22. Obnoxious birthday cake

23. Mirrors over the toilet stalls

24. Three-legged underwear

25. That toilet paper is pretty far away

26. The pattern on this dress looks like a stain

27. “Sh*t yourself”

28. Bad career advice

29. These buttons make no sense!

30. A solar-powered parking meter, placed underground

Pretty bad, aren’t they? It makes you wonder how someone could screw up so much. But bad design isn’t only a feature of products and items – it can also be found in people’s homes as well. Check out these 20 design fails that ruined other people’s homes.