Let’s admit it, figure skating has got a bit of a bad reputation. Everyone just thinks of the frilly costumes with tons of sequins and glitter. There is usually some cheezy 90s power ballad playing in the background, and everyone just looks like they are lyrical dancers.

Well, these next photos are going to change all that. I mean, when you really think about it, these athletes have to have some extreme stamina and muscle to pull off those triple axels and amazing jumps.
Not to mention they literally have sharp blades strapped to their feet, have no protective gear, and are performing on an extremely hard ice surface. There is no room for mistakes!
Check out these pictures and be totally amazed…

1. He knows that’s a blade, right?

And that it’s that close to his face?

2. Look at his face!

Is he getting off on this?

3. Now look at her head

It’s like two inches from the ice.

4. It’s going to be okay, man

I’m getting sympathy pain just looking at him!

5. She’s totally holding her breath

Do you think he’s going to catch her?

This next one is outrageous…