For a tattoo artist, the body is a canvas. You can decorate your skin with illustrations of all sizes, from text to elaborate paintings. Personally, I have always wanted to get one but can never make a decision.
There’s also the question of how obvious you want your tattoo to be. Do you want it to be clearly visible at all times, or more inconspicuous? If you’re leaning towards something on the smaller side, you have something in common with tattoo artist Witty Button.
Based in Seoul, Button’s designs are delicate and minute. Using mostly black ink and focusing on simple shapes and floral motifs, his art has a unique elegance to it. Here are some of the very best (and look out for the Harry Potter reference!).

1. This paper plane suggests creativity

2. An interesting way to present your birth year

3. “I don’t care”

4. A permanent bracelet

5. Or an anklet

6. Some look like fine art

7. Advice you’ll see every day

8. A simple way to show your love for someone

9. Even simple shapes work wonders

10. Night and day

11. Recognise this one?

12. This floral design is stunning

13. An imaginative constellation

14. A lovely use of colour

15. What a pair these two are

16. This simple design could replace your earrings

17. Buzz would be proud

18. Subtle text like this is surprisingly effective

19. Quiet energy

20. One line, two faces

21. Flower designs are in full bloom

22. Handwriting and images can be one and the same

23. A secret message

24. One for all the pet lovers out there

25. Never truly apart

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting some new ideas after seeing these beautiful designs. And if you missed the reference to the wizarding world of Hogwarts, number 11 reads ‘Protego Totalum‘, aka one of the protective spells from the beloved series.

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