There’s no denying that all of us ladies have classified grooming routines that we practice in the privacy of our own homes. No, I’m not talking about the ones we all gossip about in the little girl’s room, I’m speaking about all the gross things that most of us do in private but would never dare to admit  in public – or even to our closest girlfriends.

You know the ones. Like when you drop food down you cleavage, but then eat it anyway. Or when you take a tampon out and have a mini-investigation to see what was going on down there. Don’t lie, I know you probably do it. Fear of judgement is a formidable force that normally leads us to keep our mouths tightly padlocked shut. However it’s a non-judgement zone here, so let’s have a natter about the nasty things we all get up to when the door is bolted shut.

1. Making hair art on the shower walls from all the hair that falls off your head

2. Forgetting to shave your toes

3. Or your upper lip

4. Checking out your tampon after it’s been inside you

5. Realising that “blood” is a pretty weak description of what a period actually is

6. Wearing your favourite bra even though it doesn’t fit

7. Having special scissors for trimming yourself

8. Bursting zits

9. Smelling yourself when you haven’t showered

10. Storing something inside your bra and then forgetting about it

11. Dropping food down your cleavage

12. And then eating it anyway

So do you feel better now that we’ve all admitted our distasteful pastimes together? I personally think there’s no shame in any of them; at the end of the day, it’s all natural and us ladies can have hairy toes, heavy periods and eat food from our bras whenever we feel like it.