Laura de Wit isn’t your average video game playing, cosplay loving geek (and we fellow geeks mean this in the most loving way possible).

She’s also an incredible musician! When she’s not playing the piano, guitar, or violin, you can find her streaming live feeds of her playing the latest video games on Twitch. De Wit is a classically trained pianist and violinist, so her musicianship knows no bounds. And what better way to combine her love of video games and music than to do both at the same time?

Before hitting it big on the Internet, de Wit was just a teenage girl spending her free time practicing the violin while playing an intense game of “Dance, Dance Revolution.”

Yep, you read that right. De Wit isn’t just a masterful musician, but she’s also able to multitask like nobody’s business.

See her in action in the video below and be prepared to feel totally untalented.


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