As a child, one of the greatest joys of being a student-athlete was looking into the stands and seeing my family there to cheer me on.

Not only were my mom and dad cheering me on from the sidelines, but both sets of grandparents were there, too. And whenever I stopped to listen, my grandpa would always give me valuable advice that I still use to this day. While it’s important to recognize our own success, it’s also important to remember that we couldn’t often achieve such greatness without the advice of our elders.

Thankfully for this Iowa teen, she always took her grandfather’s advice to heart and during a recent sports career accomplishment, she took the time to honor him in the sweetest way.

Before every game, Nicole Buch takes the time to talk out game strategies and plays with her grandfather Leonard. In all her years of playing basketball, one piece of advice always stuck with her: You have to make four decisions in three seconds.

And fortunately for Buch, that advice led her all the way to breaking a record at her school. Of course, Grandpa Leonard was there to see it all.

After scoring the career-defining basket, Buch couldn’t help but run the prized ball over to her grandfather to thank him for all the support and advice over the years.

Nicole says she wanted to find a way to repay the man who always supports her, but it’s Leonard who wants to thank his granddaughter for encouraging him to stay active and engaged. Watch the adorable moment unfold below!


(via ABC 9 KCRG)

Of Leonard’s 15 grandchildren, Buch is the youngest, but I’m confident that this stand-up grandfather has been just as supportive of all his grandkids. What a sweet man!

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