Twins can sometimes be a little freaky. Remember those little girls in The Shining? They were total nightmare material. While not all twins are scary, they can still leave us “singles” scratching our heads sometimes.
Check out these 20 bizarre photos of real and accidental twins that will leave you wondering whether or not you’re stuck in The Matrix!

1. Very symmetrical!

It’s a little like a people-kaleidoscope.

2. Attack of the clones!

That woman is the middle is totally wondering if she’s stuck in The Matrix right now.

3. There’s going to be a lot of mix-ups at the game.

I wonder if they write each other’s math tests.

4. There’s definitely a glitch in the universe.

Either that or black leather jackets and blue jeans are totally in right now.

5. Are they twins?

Or is it a very strange coincidence?

Remember the “Double Rainbow” phenomenon? If so, then you’ll have to check out number 6!