“I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy.”

If you frequent YouTube pretty often, you’ve probably heard this weird, repetitive string of introductions that barely scratch the surface of the strange behavior people have come to expect from Moriah Rose Pereira, better known by her stage name, Poppy. Part pop singer and part performance artist, this internet phenom is known for creating some of the most bizarre content on the web — but she must be doing something right, because she’s amassed an insane number of fans.

Here’s the aforementioned “I’m Poppy” video. Just 10 straight minutes of her telling us who she is.


The brainchild of Pereira and director Corey Michael Mixter, better known as Titanic Sinclair, the Poppy character emerged in 2015 when she uploaded the first video to her YouTube channel, which featured the perpetually pastel-clad woman eating pink cotton candy.

Ever since, Poppy’s been releasing bubblegum pop-type music and putting out a steady stream of increasingly nonsensical videos, in which she talks in an innocent, soft, almost ASMR-like voice and behaves the way you’d expect a robot would.


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