It was Hugh Hefner who once said, “Once a playmate, always a playmate”. But even the 91-year-old playboy is likely to have had no idea of just how true those words would ring. Around 30 years later, seven Playboy cover girls have come together to recreate their iconic sultry front covers, proving that older Playmates still hold a special place in the hearts of many readers.

Despite Playboy normally filling its pages with fresh-faced girls, the new issues celebrate ageing and prove that women can be sexy at any stage of life. The magazine itself puts it perfectly stating: “beauty is ageless, sex appeal is timeless and exuberance is eternal.” Hear, hear.

1. Kimberley Conrad Hefner (1988)

2. Charlotte Kemp (1982)

3. Candace Collins (1979)

4. Reneé Tenison (1990)

5. Lisa Matthews (1990)

6. Cathy St. George (1982)

7. Monique St. Pierre (1978)

What a fantastic way to show the world that ageing is beautiful! Imagine being one of the playmates that got the call to recreate their cover? Let’s hope these images indicate a step in the right direction for Playboy and signify that they will celebrate all women regardless of size, age or ethnicity.