When Erin Clark, a 19-year-old student from Scotland, began her search for a place to stay in Paris, she was likely optimistic and excited about the unlimited possibilities of her upcoming adventure.
Naive to what she was about to encounter, Erin, who needed accommodation while she studies at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, began posting on social media to see if she could get any offers
Things were looking rather bleak on the apartment-search when she got a message from Francisco, which started off fairly promising. Between many exchanges of smiley faces, he said he had a space available and that he would gladly offer it to her.
When asked to describe the flat, Francisco told Erin that it was a “big studio flat but for sharing” and that there was “two beds”, which honestly should have been the first red flag.

Although I would hope that Erin wouldn’t actually live with a strange man and sleep in the same room as him, apparently she would, as Francisco’s offer led her to believe that her apartment-searching woes were coming to an end.
She even told her mom that she had found a place to live, saying “I thought it was like so convenient and almost too perfect when he was offering a room.”

But when Francisco said he would give her the room for free, so long as she met his “conditions”, things took a turn for the extremely uncomfortable. And no, he didn’t just ask her for sex in exchange for housing… that would be creepy, but not nearly as strange as what he did ask for.
Francisco went on to explain that he has a foot fetish, and that in exchange for her shelter, she’d have to let him lick her feet. And as if that isn’t bad enough, he also apparently owns a chastity belt, and requested that she hold onto the key to the belt for him.

When Erin, logically, did not respond to his message, he sent her another one with the specifics of the chastity belt… as if the reason for her lack of response was because she was pondering whether or not he had a model of chastity belt that was up to her standards.
Apparently, the belt is called a CB 3000, which Erin rightfully pointed out “literally sounds like a broom out of Harry Potter”.

Naturally, Erin tweeted screenshots of her unusual conversation, with the caption: “Flat hunting in Paris is going really well thanks for asking! X”. The tweet, which has gotten over 23,000 likes, brought a multitude of responses… with many saying she passed up on a good deal.
Erin responded to this tweet, “I’ve placed him in the ‘my course starts in two days and I’m homeless’ pile. I’ve lost my flat keys 4 times since September alone Francisco son, it is not me you are wanting.”

Hopefully Francisco finds the person he is looking for… although it seems quite unlikely. But if he did, then innocent people like Erin would stop receiving images of chastity belts, which would be a win for all of us, right? Note to self: never go searching for housing amongst Facebook strangers.
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