In the modern, consumer-driven industry, one of the most coveted professions is that of a product designer. Whether you work for a multi-million dollar company in the Fortune 500, or a three-person startup offering custom-designed socks, every business needs someone with a artistic eye and a knowledge of utility and ergonomics to help them build websites, company logos, and anything else that will help businesses to establish a strong visual brand identity.
Unfortunately, the truth is that in life, not everybody is actually that good at their job, and that definitely applies to designers. Designers can go through years of training in order to learn practices that will help them to please their clients, but these clients will not be pleased one bit with their designers. Below, take a gander at some particularly God-awful design choices that will seriously make you ask “what on Earth were they thinking? I wonder if somebody lost their job over some of these.

1. I don’t think the paedophilia angle is really suited to a buffet

2. “Hi, I’m looking for the Information Ndepartment?”

3. This classic pencil sharpening disaster

4. This minion has seen horrible things

5. Probably not the right place to put the author’s name

6. You had one job!

7. Plenty of natural light

8. This designer really should have known better

9. A creative idea, but maybe cut another letter in half?

10. How could this possibly go wrong?

11. Now that’s the face of a politician I can trust

12. What happens when you try too hard to make animals look like letters

13. That’s going to be an interesting game of golf

14. That’s an odd thing to boast about on a shirt

15. What happens when you try too hard to make an acronym work

16. “This study was approved by 104% of our students”

17. Maybe I’ll take the elevator instead?

18. On the other side, the bus says “stay in drugs”

19. “Yeah! We back country our want!”

20. I never want you to forget this

21. One of many reasons not to educate your children with a vending machine

22. Somebody didn’t think this through at all

23. The only thing that needs to be erased is this pencil

Some of these design fails are worse than others, but I feel as if all these really needed was some extra thought, and maybe a better quality control process. If, for some unknown reason, these design fails have inspired you to try your hand at becoming a designer, let these images be more of a warning than an inspiration.