Taking the perfect photograph requires a hell of a lot of patience, care, and attention to detail. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and digitally-integrated cameras, we’re now taking more photographs than ever before. Doesn’t matter if they’re holiday snapshots, goofy selfies, or works of art, the ease and convenience of photography now means that it’s much less hassle to take a picture than it used to be. When photography was first invented, way back in 1827, taking a picture took hours. Now we can take dozens of pictures a second with minimal fuss.

Of course, all this means is that a plenty of pics are taken without the photographer paying close attention to the background details, since composition of shot can be a lot more slapdash. Often an innocent picture can be totally ruined by some unsavoury background detail, of the kind that the netizens of the internet are adept at pointing out and laughing at. Thus, we’ve decided to collate the best examples that we could find on social media, of some seriously embarrassing pics. Enjoy – and don’t look behind you!

1. Something unfortunate happened to their shadow

2. A pair of amorous giraffes

3. A sex toy behind some flowers

4. And another one on this counter

5. What is going on here?

6. Some mating kangaroos

7. I wonder what she’s up to?

8. Those models are going to be furious

9. Check out the plane’s reflection

10. A bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment

11. What are those kids doing with that cannon?

12. Check out the reflection in the mirror

13. Another prom ruined thanks to dad

12. Awkward boner

13. Tough guy; but his mom’s taking the photo

If some of these pics are freaking you out, and maybe making you paranoid about a few of the snapshots you’ve taken in  your time, take my advice: when taking a picture, hide your sex toys… and don’t let your mom take the picture for you. Sometimes images like these can be hilarious, but there’s other times when they’re just downright spooky. For instance, take the case of this one girl who managed to scare the pants off us with the hidden detail in this selfie.