It’s only natural for a dad to worry about his daughter. He knows first-hand how randy some men are, and he doesn’t want her to get taken advantage of in the backseat of a greasy-haired highschooler’s car. That’s why he pays close attention to how other guys act around her.
While dating is all well and good in time, watching their daughters grow up is a nerve-wracking experience for dads. They have to decide if and when they are going to impose restrictions on them, and try to do it sensitively so that their relationship isn’t strained as a result.

Now Redditors are having a discussion about this very subject and their responses have been eye-opening, to say the least. It began when EmergencySilver asked, “Fathers of Reddit – what age did you notice guys checking out your daughters? How did it make you feel?”

1. This dad has got his daughter’s back

“Thirteen, but she looks 20 and she’s 5’10”. Guys will comment on her butt at the pool and at her dance competitions. Usually much older guys. It grosses me out and makes me rage. I am not shy about telling guys she’s 13 and to go f*ck themselves.”

– OPs_Moms_F*ck_Toy

2. He probably should have told them off

“Fourteen from age-appropriate guys (classmates). Got me nervous but c’est la vie.
Fifteen from inappropriate guys in late 20s or 30s (or older). She LOOKED maybe 15 when she was 15, so I was not impressed. I glared a lot.”

– TheRealTinfoil666

3. He’s got more than one problem to contend with

“Started last year. She’s 13, developed early. More often women ask her if she knows me and needs help in public, then men stare in a lustful way. I’m in my mid-30s and look like I’m in my 20s so I guess I can kinda see why some motherhens are so intrusive. My daughter is biologically a woman, mentally she’s still a child, so I do what most fathers do in that situation, get between her and the person, establish eye contact with a furrowed brow and wait for them to f*ck off.”

– DataRapist

A girl’s dad is an incredibly important role model in their life. Regardless of whether or not he is still with their mom, the relationships dads have with other people will influence the kind of relationship their daughters want to have in the future. A good dad will unknowingly encourage his daughter to look for a good man, but if a dad is a bad influence, it’s more likely that she will struggle to find a decent guy.