It’s not easy being a member of the LGBTQ+ community. While there is no doubt that society has moved away from the heteronormative values of the past, we are still a long way off living in an equal world, and that means that LGBTQ+ people have to contend with a lot of issues.
They have the anxiety of deciding how and when to come out, and the subsequent risk of persecuted for being open about who they are. Even those who are entirely accepted by those around them can’t get away from the persecution their community still faces in society.
As a result, LGBTQ+ people are incredible at defending themselves, and better still, they know how to do it hilariously…

1. They’re just shirts

And if you’re so homophonic that you don’t want to risk wearing flannels, well, as this Tumblr user rightfully pointed out, you’re ruining society.

2. Now that’s one way to weed out the homophobes in your life

Love is love, and anyone who thinks otherwise deserves to be ostracized for their views.

3. Some people fly out of the closet accidentally

It’s nice to know that this person’s football coach was unphased by the revelation.

4. LGBTQ+ people have to deal with a lot of euphemisms

And some of them are so ridiculous that they can be likened to overly flowery cereal names.

Thanks to the changes which are occurring in society, it’s becoming easier for LGBTQ+ to live as their authentic selves, however, as hate crimes against the community were only outlawed in 2009, a lot of homophobic people still struggle to see why their views are wrong.