If you ask a scientist to explain what keeps humans grounded, they will attribute it to gravity. But in my humble opinion, the people of this world are balanced by something much less complex: the fact that someone, somewhere is having a worse day than them.

Think about it, at some point you have despaired at the state of your life only to realize in the same second that somewhere on the planet someone is having a much tougher time. If today is that day, then don’t worry as we have photographic evidence to prove that your life really isn’t that bad…

1. That’s ruff

She must have been barking mad to think that these were snacks were human food! Thankfully, the Trojan condom on the side seems to suggest that this couple aren’t planning to breed anytime soon…

2. You better be avo-ing a laugh!

They say that your first trip abroad with your partner is the make or break of the relationship, but I think we have found a new way to test a couple’s compatibility: do they know how to correctly cut an avocado? If not, then it’s not worth it.

3. It’s the thought that counts

You have to award points to this husband for trying. Evidently, he is not often let loose in the kitchen – or he won’t be after this.