We all have people that we look up to or idolize, and they’re usually celebrities or public figures of some sort. Many of us will proclaim to be a particular renowned person’s “biggest fan” and yet in spite of this, we will have no desire to emulate our idol down to a T.

But the most dedicated fans won’t stop until they’ve practically transformed into their ideal.

A 23-year-old transgender woman, by the name of Kyleigh Potts, has spent over $75,000 on various plastic surgery procedures in order to look like her idol Kylie Jenner

Potts, from Denver, Colorado, is very outspoken about the love and admiration she feels for the 20-year-old reality TV star. She has set out to emulate her idol in every way possible, and this includes her appearance.

During her teen years, Kyleigh felt like an “outcast” and an “ugly duckling”. In fact, she began to feel a connection with Jenner around this time as she was in the midst of her very own transformation. Potts drew inspiration from Kylie’s changing look, something which she would ultimately try to imitate herself.

Three years ago, she began getting lip fillers, which she tops up every three months, and overall she has had over 40 procedures.

Through years of hormone treatments, Potts eventually managed to grow A-cup breasts, but after going under the knife three months ago her breasts are now a whopping 34 DDD, plus she has also had a chin implant and a nose job.

Interestingly, despite having used surgery to help her transition, Potts insists she will keep her male genitalia in order to show people that she will not be put in a gender-conforming box.