Maybe it’s just me, but don’t you think the past year has been pretty pivotal when educating the world on what women want? I mean, we’ve marched for equality and protested for justice, we’ve made our voices so loud regarding matters of everyday sexism that other species on foreign planets have even heard us and understood.

In fact, it’s reached the point now that when aliens inevitably come to visit Earth they’ll come bearing gifts of tax-free tampons, equal rights and maybe even some jobs where the pay is the same no matter your gender.

Despite this, it seems that certain setbacks mean us women will have to accept that the world in which we live is essentially some twisted sequel to the chick flick classic, What Women Want – thankfully with a lot less Mel Gibson.

What makes me say that? Well, it may have something to do with Doritos introduction of chips for women. Yes, that’s right. CHIPS FOR WOMEN.

We’ve heard of chocolate bars for men (the slogan ‘It’s Not for Girls’ was removed from Yorkie chocolate bars in 2011) and chips for men (despite a shift in social norms, McCoy’s still advertise their crisps as ‘Man Crisps’), but up until now there have been very few food good marketed directly at women – well, except for everything ever produced by Weight Watchers.

Rather than realize that as a good thing, Doritos haven chosen to try and crack that area of the food industry by producing a crisp that they think will appeal to the female population. (Despite the fact that I have literally never met a fellow woman who doesn’t love chowing down on a family pack of Bugles).