In our society, there are certain unwritten rules by which we conduct ourselves in society. When we’re in public, there are certain behaviors we avoid doing simply because we have learned to see them as unacceptable.

But there will always be those amongst us who deviate from society’s very rigid norms and conventions.

Yep, there are all kinds of bizarre people doing outrageous things on a daily basis. And sometimes – just sometimes – they happen to be captured on camera and immortalized in photographs.

Here are 20 photos which captured some truly outlandish moments that will certainly make you question your fellow human being…

1. Here’s a fish to keep you company while you withdraw money

I wonder whose bright idea this was…

2. You thought you’d never seen a depressed banana before…

Oh, what has the world come to?

3. Just casually taking their irons for a walk

They’re definitely less demanding and expensive than dogs so why the hell not?