All too often women are shamed for their bodies. They’re not supposed to have stretch marks or blemishes, and must never mention that they menstruate. Now, one 22-year-old artist from Spain is changing that.

Cinta Tort Cartró, otherwise known as the artist Zinteta, is from a small town near Barcelona. She has devoted her artistic craft to revolutionizing the way we see the female body. She uses watercolor, tempera, and acrylics to paint on women’s skin.

Zinteta highlights women’s stretch marks in an attempt to rework the negative image society has of them. She wants to give women new meaning and deconstruct traditional beauty stereotypes.

She says she first came up with the idea to paint stretch marks while working on another project called I Stain and I’m Not Disgusted, which was about the menstrual cycle.

“Through this, I began painting underwear emulating menstruation stains but with colorful watercolors. After painting them I thought about transferring them to the body and photographing them, taking the project to the skin itself,” says Zinteta.