It’s just a fact that no one likes going to the doctor, and that’s especially true for our four-legged buddies.

If you’re the owner of an adorable dog, chances are you’re all too familiar with the sheer terror that overcomes your pooch when you pull into the vet’s parking lot. In fact, it even seems as though hating the vet is in their DNA. What makes these normal checkups even more painful is that in most cases, dog owners dupe their pets into thinking they’re going for a simple ride around town, only to show up to the vet’s office a few minutes later. What a dirty trick.

After discovering the truth, some dogs suck it up and accept their fate, while others react in some pretty hilarious ways. Here are 24 dogs that just realized they’re about to get a little visit from their veterinarian.

1. “If I can’t see them, maybe they can’t see me.”

2. You can run, but you can’t hide.

3. “This isn’t the dog park!”

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