Social media has brought people all over the world closer together, connecting friends and family, providing platforms for professional networking, and helping companies grow their businesses.

But as is with most other things in life, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have their downsides as well. The internet has a huge influence on the way we think and act, and even leads us to believe things that aren’t true. This is what the Allen County Sheriff’s Office in Iola, Kansas, wanted to highlight when they decided to have a little fun with their community via their Facebook page. However, the situation got out of hand pretty quickly when the joke went flying over people’s heads.

In what they thought was an obvious prank, the department wrote that they’d be blocking access to a number of social media sites between February 28 and March 1 this year. By now, you’ve probably already caught it.

A startling number of other people, however, didn’t.

Some were outraged…

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