When it comes to animal friendships, a tortoise and a dog make a pretty unlikely pair. That said, these odd yet adorable friends are totally inseparable!

Larry the tortoise had a rough beginning before coming to live with his new owner, Christine Hill, in her California home. “When we rescued Larry he was being attacked by other tortoises and was miserable and scared,” Hill explained. “At first, all he wanted to do is escape and run away.”

Fortunately, all that changed when he met Cricket, Hill’s golden retriever. They took to each other right away!

For the first time, Larry felt safe and comfortable with his big, furry protector by his side.

“They hang out together, sleep together…”

“…and eat together,” Hill said.

“And he’s never tried to escape again.”

It definitely isn’t hard to see that these two are meant to be.


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