It’s always a bit awkward being the short girl in the group. You have to walk a bit faster to keep up, and can never see over the crowd at concerts. I bet no one has felt that awkwardness more than 24-year-old Jyoti Amge from India.

She’s the world’s smallest women, coming in at just over 2 feet tall, and recently she met the world’s tallest man, 35-year-old Sultan Kosen from Turkey. The 8’1″ Kosen is like a skyscraper compared to Amge, who looks to be roughly the size of one of Kosen’s shoes!

The pair recently met up for a photoshoot in Egypt and the resulting pictures are amazing! The project was the idea of the Egyptian tourism promotion board, and it’s safe to say it is garnering quite a bit of attention.

Check out a video of this remarkable meeting below:

Amge’s height is due to a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. It is a genetic disorder that affects bone growth, causing short stature and disproportionately short limbs. She was declared the shortest woman in the world in 2001 at the age of 18. At that time, she weighed just 11 pounds!