When you’re an expectant parent, you eagerly anticipate the day your unborn child comes into the world. And the excitement is no less great if you already have kids and are about to expand your family to include a new little bundle of joy. Put simply, there’s no greater feeling than bringing a child into the world.

And while the day of the birth doesn’t always go to plan, they’re usually not as dramatic as what one mom from Alabama experienced.

The day Carolina Malatesta gave birth to her fourth child back in 2012 should have been one the happiest days of her life, however, the expectant mother had one of the worst experiences you can imagine in a delivery room.

So what exactly happened? Well, a nurse at the Brookwood Baptist Medical Center forced Malatesta, whose baby was crowning out of her, to position herself on her back and tried to push the baby back into her vagina.

According to Alabama LivingMalatesta chose to have her baby delivered at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center because they were known to accommodate women and provide plenty of options for women who wanted to have a natural birth. They also provided additional information as to why a natural birth was the best medical choice.