Back in high school, it was likely that those kids who were called the “loners” probably weren’t all that cool. Flash forward to adulthood, and it’s those same loners who are actually the most successful and happiest people around.

They never filled their lives with distractions or fleeting pleasures, and instead took the time to get to know themselves. Loners are strong people who know who they are and what they want. They aren’t afraid to feel things and to feel them deeply.

While loners do enjoy their alone time, they can also be the most fun and loyal friends you’ll ever have. So if you fall into that category or know someone who does, check out the list below to discover the personality traits that are unique to loners!

1. Loyalty

Loners know their self-worth and expect loyalty in all aspects of life. While they may be able to count their close friends on one hand, it’s guaranteed those friends mean the world to them. A loner will expect their friends to have their back, but the favor will always be returned tenfold.

2. Boundaries

Those who prefer to be alone know the importance of healthy boundaries. They expect to have their boundaries respected just as they respect the boundaries of others. They firmly believe that if you cannot be faithful to yourself, then you cannot be faithful to others.

Check out number three if you’ve ever had trouble dealing with stressful situations…