Usually, when we unexpectedly come across money or some sort of valuable item, they actually tend not to be worth a great deal. But the sheer rarity of finding yourself in a situation where you come across, say, a 20-dollar bill, is enough to feel you with a short-lived feeling of excitement.

So imagine how you would feel if you came across something worth about 500,000 times that amount?

Well, as unlikely as it sounds, that actually happened to a couple from California. They went for a stroll in the park with their dog in tow, and what they discovered there totally and utterly floored them. Ultimately, the unexpected find ended up changing their lives for the better.

The discovery was life-changing, but perhaps the most bizarre aspect of this story is that the couple’s newfound riches were attained from a few rusty old cans.

Learn more about the story from this ABC News report:

So the story begins in February 2013 when the couple, who have decided to remain anonymous, went for a walk in their local area. In a park, they discovered what appeared to be a rusty old can, partially trapped in the ground nearby a tree.

The pair had walked past this particular spot numerous times before and had never noticed the somewhat peculiar sighting, so they decided to give it a closer inspection.