If you and your emotional support animal were planning on taking a trip on United Airlines anytime soon, you might want to reconsider after what happened to one woman and her peacock companion. (Or not, since your animal probably isn’t a peacock. Anyway…)

While most people’s emotional support animals come in the form of a cat or dog, every once in a while something a bit more out there like a pig or miniature horse can be seen walking around the streets with their human counterpart.

But when it comes time to travel via plane, not all animals are welcomed with open arms. After multiple attempts by customers to scam their way into bringing their pets aboard, most airlines have developed stricter guidelines.

Conceptual artist Ventiko tried to purchase a seat for her pal Dexter the Peacock aboard her United Airlines flight from Newark to L.A., and despite being warned multiple times not to fly with the animal, the woman showed up at check-in with the bird on her arm.

Needless to say, things didn’t work out for Ventiko and Dexter. The peacock was promptly turned away before boarding, causing Ventiko to cause a scene in the middle of the airport, berating the airline’s treatment of emotional support animals.

The relationship between Dexter and Ventiko began when the artist purchased the bird for an art exhibition. After finding him a temporary home, the woman simply couldn’t part with her new friend and brought him home to serve as her emotional support animal and artistic partner.

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