Men can usually be categorized into two different groups; “Ass Men” or “Boob Men”.

There are also a few bizarre categories, like guys who prefer feet, or armpits, or personalities – but for most guys, they’re either looking at the lumps on the front or the back.


However, the category of “Boob Men” can also be further divided into two sub-categories – those who like big boobs, and those who prefer a smaller chest. But one question which has always perplexed both men and women alike, is why do some men love bigger breasts?

A study from 1968 established that the reason men are attracted to breasts is all to do with biology, and more specifically is down to gene expression (as well as several personality traits).

However, we have to delve deeper into the psychology of men to find out why some men are more attracted to buxom babes.