They say that nothing in life is free, but it turns out your rent certainly could be if you’re comfortable with complying to your landlord’s unconventional demands.

Think about it, every month rather than splashing your cash into the empty pit of home rental, you could be using it to fund other activities – maybe even save the money so that you can actually afford to buy a house in the future? It’s a tempting scenario until you learn the twist: you’ll have to have sex with your landlord.

But real life isn’t like Hollywood, or those illicit films you watch in private, for the landlord won’t be a good looking young man. Instead, he is likely to be old enough to be your father and dumb enough not to know that what he is requesting of you is highly illegal.

One woman learned this the hard way when she agreed to meet a potential landlord she’d found on Craigslist, a notoriously seedy site where people advertise items for sale.

Responding to the ad which offered a “reduced deposit/rent arrangement” or “alternative payments”, Siân Thomas, an undercover journalist, arranged a meeting with the man.

Armed with a hidden camera, Thomas arrived at an upmarket restaurant ready to talk business about the man’s Cardiff apartment, which he’d advertised at £650 a month [$920]. Wasting no time she asked the man, who remains anonymous, what the arrangement would be should she choose to live in his apartment.