There is no reasonable justification for abusing a small, defenseless child. When you’re a parent, most decent people would assume that you would go to great lengths to ensure that your child is safe from any kind of danger.

In fact, a parent’s fundamental instinct is to protect their child. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Horrifyingly, some parents will go out of their way to mistreat and abuse their own flesh and blood for no good reason.

Now, footage has emerged of a 50-year-old man kicking his son for not being able to stand on an ice-covered sidewalk.

Unsurprisingly, this father has now found himself the subject of an investigation into his inexcusable behavior. The video was taken through a window by a stranger, and the scenes that they captured are extremely alarming.

It was shot in the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, and shows how the boy, who appears to be a toddler, trying and failing to stand on the ice without falling over only to be attacked by his unforgiving father.

At some point, the boy is able to get to his knees but then he loses his balance, falls backward, and doesn’t attempt to get back up again. He lays still in the snow, and it is at this point that his father aggressively kicks his young son.

The sheer force of the kick can clearly be seen as the vulnerable boy is sent skidding across the snowy pavement. Soon after delivering the mighty kick, the father forcefully drags his motionless son to his feet and the two continue on their way.

But after taking a few steps in one direction with his son in tow, the father then bizarrely decides to walk in an entirely different direction still dragging his defenseless son alongside him in an act of intolerable cruelty.

According to some witnesses, the toddler was in the middle of a temper tantrum just before the video was filmed. As for the father, he was identified after the video was shared online, but his name has not yet been released to the media.

The police investigation into the harrowing incident is still ongoing. In the meantime, the distressing footage is featured in the video below: