It’s very easy to become bitter about being single, especially now that Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks away. You may well be longing to be in a relationship, but let me tell you this; if you’re single at least you can comfort yourself with the reality that you’re not being cheated on.

Because I think we can all agree that being cheated on truly sucks…

Part of the reason why it sucks is that a lot of the time we can’t figure out why we were cheated on in the first place. Let’s face it if our partner is dishonest enough to stray, they’re probably not going to be entirely truthful about why they cheated in the first place.

So without further ado, here are 16 very candid confessions by cheaters about why they started playing around. It gets pretty deep…

1. Hey, at least he pulled out

And the other woman “obviously wanted it” after all.

2. The thrill was incomparable

Unfortunately, although he’d experienced both sides of the coin, this didn’t make him any less likely to do the dirty himself.

Although the majority of people tend to regard cheating as a selfish, thoughtless and all-around terrible thing to do, some of us are more forgiving than others.