Bringing a new baby home is stressful in more ways than one, especially if you have other kids or pets.

On top of caring for a newborn, there’s that nagging worry in the back of your head about how the huge change might affect the family dynamic. Will your other children feel jealous or ignored? Are you neglecting your pets? The latter had been on Michael McGowan’s mind ever since he learned he was going to have a daughter. He wanted to make sure his dog, Molly, still felt special, so before his little girl was born, he made plans to give the pup something to call her own.

Under the stairs in McGowan’s house was a walled-in spot, which turned out to be the perfect area to build Molly’s room.

After creating an opening in the wall and checking out how much space he had to work with, McGowan hired tradesman Paul McArdle to help with the job.

Not only did Molly get her own furniture, decor, and toys…

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