While it is easy to presume that your parents know exactly what they’re doing all the time, in actual fact, they’re pretty clueless. Their claims that they know best because they’re more experienced in life is nothing but a bluff. In reality, your parents are making it up as they go along.

Despite a great deal of pretending, your parents are all united on one thing: they wish the best for you. Their infinite love means that they will do whatever it takes to give you the very best in life, regardless of any other factors.

So when one mom, presumably from Mississippi, was told by her son that he was gay, she didn’t know how to react. But her love for her child ensured that she would do everything she could to make sense of the situation without hurting her son’s feelings.

Thinking out of the box, the unknown mom phoned a local gay bar to help understand how to handle the news. Her call to SIPPS in Mississipi was taken by Kara Coley, a bartender with 17 years worth of experience working in “gay bars on the coast.” But despite her knowledge in the area, Coley was left speechless when she answered the phone…