Most people’s parents have their own horror story when it comes to recounting the birth of their children. I know mine do.

When my mom’s waters broke two weeks prematurely, she trekked to the hospital with my dad where she prepared to give birth to their first child – a little boy. It wasn’t until I made my grand entrance several hours later that doctor’s learned I was actually a girl.

When you consider that nearly one-third of babies in the US are delivered by cesarian, and 3-5% are born breach, it is easy to see how no two birth stories are the same. In fact, with 353,000 babies born each day, it’s impossible for identical deliveries.

That was something that one Russian mom learned the hard way when she birthed a giant baby – twice the size of the average newborn!

The 42-year-old mother, from the small south-western town of Dagestanskiye Ogni in Russia, was excited to bring her baby into the world after nine months of careful carrying. However, had she known the colossal size of her child she may have thought twice about a natural birth.

The mom, who already has four children, thought she knew what to expect. But then again she didn’t know she was carrying a super-sized sproglet.