Perhaps it’s our institutionalized perception of gender roles which makes us doubt a men’s ability to look after a child. Or maybe it’s the fact that fathers around the world are obsessed with devising bizarre hacks to make their parenting life a little easier – ironically making it much harder in the process.

Dad hacks are the type of ‘shortcuts’ which make mothers everywhere roll their eyes with a mixture of sheer awe and exasperation. They’re the type of things which families all around the world remember and discuss at the dinner table. “Do you remember the time dad…” is often followed by, “what were you thinking?!”

After all, parenting isn’t easy. So anything that can be done to try and make daily life run smoothly is worth attempting. Although maybe not everything, as the following fathers show…

1. “And this is how we make our shake without waking any of my 8 sleeping beauties!” – @dad_of_eight

2. “I needed a break so I popped him in the basket and he absolutely loved it! Try it!” – @jackanddadmelbourne

If you thought these were good, you’ve seen nothing yet! It turns out dads are more creative than we give them credit for…