Fifty-two-year-old Gordon Ramsay is renowned across the globe for his television career as a successful, determined and (some might say) quite ruthless chef. He has opened Michelin star restaurants all over the globe and has become a true star in his own right.

Only recently, he hasn’t felt like much of a star – he had piled on the pounds and it hit his self-esteem big time. Indeed, after an appearance on a British daytime television show, This Morning, Ramsay was slated for his looks.

While on the show, he prepared a chicken traybake (we can only assume mouthwateringly delicious) in the studio kitchen. He certainly impressed the show’s hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, however, the show’s more superficial viewers could only focus on his appearance.

There had been a very noticeable change in Ramsay’s physical appearance, namely his weight. Astonishingly, the famously fiery chef ballooned to a whopping 252 lbs before he realized it was time to change.

And change he did, and it wasn’t long until Ramsay was sporting a much more athletic frame.

Now, the British TV personality has spoken very candidly about the reason for his sudden weight loss.