Britney Spears is undeniably an artist. Her impressive career in the world of music has seen her garner a cult fan following and a tidy $200 million dollars in the bank, along with multiple highly-coveted awards. However, it would appear that her artistic talent only goes so far.

The ‘Princess of Pop’ may be one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, but it would seem that she isn’t satisfied with simply dominating the music industry. The 35-year-old star has now set her sights on the art world…

The mother-of-two has been the center of many controversies throughout her life, but her recent decision to turn her talents to painting has left people more conflicted than her infamous 2007 meltdown.

However, there is a reason why she has traded her bejeweled stage costumes for a paint-splattered shirt…

The singer recently updated her Instagram account with a short video of her peacefully painting in the gardens of her $8.9 million Californian mansion. The tranquil video is a stark contrast to the blond beauty’s regular uploads, which includes videos of provocatively dancing on stage and pictures of her gym-toned body.

Clearly deeply immersed in her work, Spears barely even notices the camera as it pans around her, revealing her masterpiece to her 18 million followers.

The video, which she captioned, “sometimes you just gotta play!!!!”, divided opinion online. Many were impressed by her vision, which included flowers and a muddle of multi-colored lines. However, others were horrified by the creation.

However, one man was so inspired by Britney’s work that he dug deep and paid $10,000 for just one of her canvases…

Because everything that Britney touches turns to gold (the umbrella she used to attack the paparazzi with in 2007 was auctioned for $100,000 last year), her paintings instantly became practically priceless.

However, rather than throw her experimental canvases away, Spears donated them to a charity auction benefitting the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. The massacre tragically became the deadliest shooting in U.S. history, claiming the lives of 58 people and injuring 546.

The incident struck a chord with Spears who has been performing her highly successful show ‘Britney: Piece of ME’ at Planet Hollywood, on the Las Vegas strip for nearly four years. So she didn’t hesitate in donating her artwork to the cause…

In a video message to the auction crowd, Spears explained the inspiration and meaning behind her work:

“The flowers in my painting represent a new beginning, and it’s in that spirit that we move forward. All the proceeds from the winning bid go to Vegas Cares Memorial Fund. I appreciate your kindness and your generosity — I love you Vegas.”

At auction the childlike watercolor painting sold for a staggering, and unexpected, $10,000 after television personality and Las Vegas resident, Robin Leach bid big.

Despite this generous donation, many fans online were not too charitable with their comments.

It would appear that her harshest critics all reside online. “If I were going to donate to charity I would give something worthy of the term ART,” wrote one incensed user. However, this was counterbalanced with a flood of positive comments from other fans. “She is so cute,” wrote one fan, while another typed: “Great job Brit!”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Britney fan or not, you cannot deny that she is extremely charitable. The star regularly supports those less fortunate than herself (which is a majority of the world’s population) and we love her for it: