Listen, people, please stop trying to become famous for the sake of being famous!

All this talk of making money from YouTube or becoming an Insta-famous micro-influencer is making folks try almost anything to get more views. Unfortunately, talent, merit, and an actual skillset do not seem to be among those things.

Case in point, this next jerk is trying to become famous by throwing water in people’s faces. YouTuber Arya Mosallah AKA ItsAyraVlogs describes himself as “A boy with a camera and a dream”. I can only assume that dream is being a nuisance to society.

The pranks he pulls are unoriginal and frankly just plain stupid. Some of them even border on assault. The 22-year-old blogger from London favors the water-throwing prank, and generally just walks about his city looking for people to splash.

He usually has a Subway cup or a water bottle filled with water and either tosses the water at someone out of the blue, or more sneakily lures them in by pretending to trip, and once his victims get closer, he throws the liquid in their faces.

While Mosallah is garnering some attention online, it may be for the wrong reasons. His YouTube viewers generally see him as a massive dickhead for soaking someone who was simply trying to help him up after a “fall”.