Rodrigo Alves is no stranger to media attention. The 34-year-old is widely known as the “Human Ken Doll” because he has had over 60 plastic surgeries and more than 100 cosmetic procedures to alter his appearance.

While he normally resembles Barbie’s long-term plastic boyfriend, Ken, lately he has been looking a little different…

Alves recently announced that he considers himself to be gender-fluid and that he enjoys dressing as a woman. Lately, he’s been working with visual artist Thomas Evans on a photography project called Feminising the Masculine Man, which features Alves in a super feminine and racy outfit.

For the photoshoot, Alves wore a long blond wig, a leather and lace corset, fishnet stockings, heels, and red nipple tassels. It was quite the departure from his usual short hair, smart blazers and dress pants. In fact, some might say he looks like Barbie herself in it!

Alves does admit to using plenty of makeup on a regular basis, but smokey eyes and deep red lips is a new look for him. He revealed that the goal of the project is to subvert gender norms and redefine how society expects people to behave based on their physical anatomy.