Life is one big game that we all unwittingly get conned by. At least once in your life, you will be played by the system that is consumerism.

Buying things that aren’t exactly what they seem is a daily occurrence for the modern day human. From cakes and clothes to television shows, nothing is quite as it is advertised – Here’s looking at you Game of Thrones; we want dragons!

But, some things are so wildly different from what they were intended to be that it is hard to even draw one comparison, as these unlucky shoppers all discovered when they got their hands on the finished (well, sort of) product…

1. We can’t let this one go

We expect that the customer of this cake was Frozen when she saw what the cake decorators had created. We wouldn’t be able to just ‘Let It Go’, so we hope they didn’t either…

2. These two pizzas represent Heaven and Hell

This KitKat chocolate pizza looked too good to be true, and that is because it was. We think the chef should just “Take A Break…”

3. BEWARE of the cuddly canine

Animals are unpredictable and often always do the opposite of what you expect, which in turn makes you look like a fool. In this instance, we imagine that the owner of this ‘guard dog’ was left a little red-faced.

4. They flatten it for free!

This sandwich is advertised as “the perfect wake up call”, but I think I would rather just never wake up.

5. A painful pizza

Having eyes bigger than your stomach is a problem that effects us all. However, it isn’t an issue if you buy pizza from this place…

6. They really took the Mickey with this cake!

There is no excuse for this horrifying creation. The poor child that received it is sure to still be suffering from the nightmares…

8. Where is the cheese please? 

This burger joint ‘cheddar’ get their act together. The solidified cheese lump on top of the overcooked beef patty is a disaster. Gordon Ramsay would not brie-lieve this!

9. Not quite the look I was going for

Buying clothing from overseas can result in some questionable garments arriving in the post, as this poor consumer discovered when her bedazzled dress arrived looking quite, well…frazzled.

10. This is the breast!

Instagram is saturated with pictures of young girls posing over perfectly poised plates of pancakes, but in reality, the look is a little less polished.

11. What a yolk!

For centuries there have been endless reported signs of alien life, but this may be the most terrifying in existence! It’s time to scramble!

12. Sleep tight!

Wearing this to bed is guaranteed to give you nightmares through the night! Sweet dreams are certainly not made of these…

13. Spongebob on a budget

Remember Spongebob? Well, this is what he looks like now. Can you believe it? Times have got tough in Bikini Bottom!

14. The cake and the fake

It’s the thought that count, and the maker of this cake clearly put a lot of thought into it. The problem is, you need some artistic talent to support your thoughts to pull off things like this!

15. The permanent problem

We can only imagine that this tattoo artist lied about his credentials on his resumé. When he said ‘five years of experience’ he neglected to say that it was in coloring in children’s sketchbooks (badly).

16. They sit on a throne of lies!

Okay, so we all knew that the dragons in Game of Thrones weren’t real, but we didn’t quite expect their true form to look quite so hilarious.

17. The cunning cranberry

We pity the person who bought this chocolate bar expecting it to be laden with cranberries, only to find that they’d been conned by six strategically placed ones in the packagings window.

18. A true monster

The baker responsible for these cupcakes clearly didn’t realize that the Cookie Monster is not supposed to be scary!

19. You weren’t expecting that!

This chocolate brand clearly had a lot of leftover Easter bunnies. Craftily, they used their initiative to solve the problem by dressing the bunny up as a priest. They prayed nobody would notice the difference…

20. The definition of a spaghetti monster

Would you even feed your dog this horrifying microwavable dish? It almost looks as though someone at the factory threw up into a plastic container and let it slide on through the production line…

When it comes to summer we all expect it to be the best time of our life. However, the reality is quite different as this video expertly shows: