It’s hard to remember a time before YouTube became a place for influencers to push endorsements down our throats and vlog about how they stayed in bed for the entire day, but this video will bring back all those early 2000s viral music memories.

And what’s a “bros’ night out” without a unique musical performance by a group of guys that look more like they’re auditioning for the U.S. bobsled team than actual musicians? (Okay, maybe that’s not a common thing.) But with a slew of colorful pipes in hand, these fellas take us on a musical journey that simply can’t be explained.

And those pipes they’re using? They’re called Boomwhackers and I couldn’t think of a more aptly named instrument if I tried.


Loved this performance and want to try the Boomwhackers for yourself? Visit their website and let your aggressions out while making sweet, sweet music.

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