You knows those awful days when you’re convinced nothing can cheer you up? Well, these furry cuties are here to prove you wrong.

For the past few years, a trio of photos showing a pack of curious and awestruck golden retrievers has been circulating around the web — and they’re so adorable, they never get old. They do such a great job of capturing the joy and wonder of being a dog that they’re always worth a share…or a hundred!

The four puppers were out walking somewhere in China (presumably with their owner) when something on the other side of a glass door caught their attention.

They gathered together around whatever it was, absolutely fascinated by what they saw. Now’s the time to prepare yourself for the inevitable squeals you’re sure to unload.

So what was it that captivated the fluffy foursome? A basket of tiny kittens.

These have got to be some of the most wholesome photos that ever existed. I wonder if they ever got to meet the kittens without the glass?

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